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At tourburst we want to preserve the history of the courageous men and women who came before us. They started families, built homes, established towns & cities, and changed the world. We stand on their shoulders. Their legacy is inspirational, their hardships are instructional, and we can prosper as we learn the lessons of the past.

We have multiple methods of preserving the past, from supporting local efforts to nation-wide database initiatives. You can be a part of it! Whether you only have time enough to enter data or you make a philanthropic donation, your efforts will help preserve the history, character, and identity of the world we live in. Help us preserve for the youth of coming generations

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There's nothing out there like tourburst. Centered around history, tourburst allows users to select time periods, historical categories, and types of historical sites and tours. The app is flexible and dynamic providing a comprehensive and meaningful method of getting historical and other attractions onto the radar of tourists. due to unique features, historical sites come alive like never before. Augmented reality/virtual reality, QR codes, iBeacons, and geo-fencing all work together to facilitate information at the fingertips... turning every tourist into an expert. Many tourists miss out on information and activities that would enhance their visits, bring economic prosperity to the local area, and support the historical organizations that work so hard to host historical restoration sites

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Many local businesses that support tourism -especially those in smaller communities- are not well known or prominently positioned by famous sites. Tourburst's mapping and contact features help businesses find the customers they need. Additionally, using Tourburst's business features, retail and food outlets can use the power of the internet to help ship their products around the world... and thereby become local to everyone, everywhere. Home-made souvinir shops, local artisans, and smaller shops benefit the most from tourburst as it equalizes the perception of tourists so that no size or location bias exists. Bringing business to local proprieters is one of the goals of tourburst. Enjoy the prosperity you've been missing! register on tourburst today!


about Tourburst

Tourburst is more than an app. Here at tourburst, the app facilitates a new level of cooperation and collaboration between like-minded organizations not previously possible. It enables cities in different states to work together and pool their resources, it allows businesses to connect with customers in a new way, and it gives historical societies an entirely new venue to preserve and present history. Some of the best features in tourburst presents history in a whole new way. Now users can see the entire history of a local area through a historical timeline. Using augmented reality, virtual reality, and even old photographs, users can see multiple time periods for the same location… including the buildings and other artifacts. We call this feature Walking Into History (W.I.T.H.) and is available in version 5. At tourburst, we want all organizations associated with the cultural and historical heritage of the area to have more tools to preserve history, present it to tourists, and have more income so they can continue their important work. Yes, tourburst does all of that! Contact us today if you would like more information or to become a partner or franchise operator.


Our Application

Tourburst helps businesses, historical places and people together. Here are a couple of features we are proud of.
Live Map
Browse the Map through our App, Users are able to see where they are and where they are going, Handy Map for you!
See the list of near Historical sites together with their website and contact number
Full Details with photos of Historical Sites are viewable, Get some knowledge and plan ahead!
Do not know where to go? We got you! Tourburst suggests a list of tourguides that can help you!
Plan your activities ahead, save time and enjoy more!
Museums come to life
QR Codes, Video, Audio and Augmented Reality


We believe in a hassle free and enjoyable tour with a touch of a finger

Check for Tours, Activities and Historical Sites with one touch away!

Pick the nearest and interesting Historical sites at your location

Detailed Information and Contact Number of Historical Site in your hand

List of Tour Guides one click away!

Plan a hassle free activity with your family, In your pocket!

Our Mission

  1. Preserve Historical Information & Sites
  2. Make Historical Sites & Info Available to all
  3. Help local surrounding businesses prosper
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If you are a preservationist, member of a historical society, or just interested in a small piece of history that needs greater awareness... Give us a call!
Use our NOTICE Form to ensure your site gets on the app.

We have algorithims that help get your sites seen by more people, and we have a wide variety of methods that help ensure more funds are accessible so you can continue doing what you love to do- create history!

Just fill out the form on the left and one of our accounts team will contact you. In most cases we will come out and visit your site!

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Donate Time

Use our contact form to select a historical site, activitiy, or cause that you would like to donate time or other services to.

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There's not much money in history, especially when you're the one spending your nest egg to restore a beloved home-town building.

Help feed the flames of local passion by donating to one of the many sites, historical societies, or historical database management groups.

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Historian, professor, or local expert? donate your writings, materials, or artifacts for use in museums, displays, or to loan to relevant sites!

College students and others can donate time entering data into historical databases... no travel needed!

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